Heatless Hair Curlers SEÑORITA (Set of 10 pcs)

  • Suitable for all hair types! 👩‍🦱 👩🏼‍🦱 👩
  • No heating required ❌
  • Odorless, heat-resistant, and non-toxic materials 🌿
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Tight Curls
Leave curlers in the hair for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Add-ons are up to you!
Soft Waves or Loose Curls w/ smooth crowns
Use on clean, dry hair and wind spools starting mid-strand (for long hair). A blow dryer can be used to curl more quickly.
Massage favorite hair product to the ends before curling and air dry for 10 - 30 minutes or apply heat if desired.
Remember, ladies
The longer the curlers remain in the hair, the tighter the curl!

Heatless Hair Curlers SEÑORITA (Set of 10 pcs)


Minimize the possibility of ruining your hair with too much heat or random chemicals in your hair. Go for bounding, bouncy curls with these heatless hair curlers today!

1x Heatless Hair Curlers SEÑORITA (Set of 10 pcs)
SAVE:49% 1x17.99 
34.99  17.99 
2x Heatless Hair Curlers SEÑORITA (Set of 10 pcs)
SAVE:59% 2x14.39 
69.98  28.78 
3x Heatless Hair Curlers SEÑORITA (Set of 10 pcs)
SAVE:64% 3x12.59 
104.97  37.77 
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